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Nikolaos Maronitis

Hello George!
It’s deeply concerning to hear about the large numbers of young migrants and refugees in Greece who are not participating in education, especially during such critical times like the lockdown. The issue of access to education for these groups is complex and multi-faceted. While the situation might be indicative of systemic challenges, it’s important not to jump to conclusions without a comprehensive understanding of the various factors at play.
Institutional racism is one possible explanation, but there might be other factors such as logistical challenges, lack of resources, language barriers, and trauma experienced by the refugees that could be contributing to their non-participation. It’s essential to approach this topic with an open mind and consider all possible explanations before attributing it to a single cause.
Nevertheless, regardless of the root causes, it’s imperative that efforts be made to address this issue and ensure that every child, regardless of their background or status, has access to quality education. Education is a fundamental right, and its absence can have long-lasting negative implications on the individuals and the broader community.
I wait for your reply!