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    European values, but which can also be local – at the same time that is, they are harmonized
    with the different integration needs of students in each European country. Trying to approach
    the integration of students with refugee experience through a global lens with European

    values as the main characteristic, we propose to approach education through the lens of
    people on the move. In particular, the common frame of reference in European values
    education is approached through the below filters:
    • double-voiced politics of mobility and presence (De Genova 2017)
    • glocal (including European)
    • mobility in terms of ‘viability’ (Dale 1999 cited in Dryden-Peterson 2016) with regard
    to the knowledge, skills and competences already developed
    • different linguistic and cultural features that shape their educational repertoires
    Finally, it is crucial to note that European values related to concepts such as respect,
    multiculturalism, inclusion culture are the basis for recognition, ‘legitimization’ and utilization
    within the school classroom of students’ educational, linguistic and cultural capital.

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